Top 5 Swimming Pool Safety Tips

As the summers are on its way back, the fun- filling activity namely swimming will become the trend for every age group. Children along with their parent would love going to the clubs for the entertainment and of course reducing the warmth of the upcoming season while the others may be going for maintaining their fitness.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

“Swimming has become the ultimate trick to beat the heat. Hence, a healthy summer activity”

Obviously, it is a fun-filling activity. But with every refreshing dips there is a danger too especially for the children. According to the reports provided by the National safety council (NSC), over 3700 people drowned in the US in the year 2016 by drowning and the majority were the toddlers and babies with the age-group of 1-4. Hence, this makes it essential to keep the swimming pool safety tips on the fingertips.

Below are top 5 swimming pool safety tips everyone must know about;

The majority of the homeowners are at risk of preventing their children from entering the pool. Having a pool fence installed is referred to as one of the amazing ways to create a barrier for your children. The fence must have a gate with a proper lock so that your children may not reach there. With an outward opening of the fence gate, the parent can easily supervise their children by keeping them away via self-closing. The other consideration must be placed towards the height of the fence as the children may climb the fence.

“A large number of swimming coaches prefer 6 feet higher fences- means the taller, the better”

  • Go with sunscreen

The alkalinity in the water (even if leveled) does affect the skin and eyes. This makes it essential for the one to go for optimal protection via application of SPF 30 or higher on the whole body and face prior to having the swimsuit on and entering into the pool. If you are a beginner at swimming and your training is still going on, having it reapplied after every two hours serves to be a healthy skin tip.

“Learning the healthy swimming pool safety tips is a better option than being sorry”

  • Keep the rescue equipment and the first-aid kit in front

If you are a swimming lover and you have kids at your place, ensure that you also keep the rescue equipment with you. One of the common equipment is the shepherd’s hook which is also popularly- recognized as the life hook. The use of this tool is to simply pull one if someone slips accidentally. Hence, this needs to be stored near the pool so that one can get to it whenever needed. Along with this, the first-aid kit is an essential item to be stored for quick healing.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Since the water in the pool is dangerous due to the addition of chemicals in them, it is essential to be careful to not inhale it when in the pool. Not just the harmful bacteria’s affect the stomach, dry drowning is also one of the sufferings that may end up resulting in choking. This is why it is better to have yourself hydrated prior to stepping in the pool, thereby preventing oneself from having breathing issues.

“The cases of secondary drowning have become common that may give rise to the breathing issues. According to the research conducted, this may happen after passing 24 hours”

  • Intake of substantial chlorine

The public pools are mainly equipped with a lot of chlorine that may cause harm to the swimmers. These include facing difficulties in breathing, excessive vomiting, coughing, etc. When gets in touch with the children, these may result in asthma or similar allergies. In order to keep children safe, the parent may look for public pools that make use of the silt filters as these are poor in chlorine and helps in maintaining healthy swimming activity.

Not just the five mentioned above, there are various other safety tips people may make use of. Installing an alarm system is also one of the effective tips to follow along with ditching the diving board and inspecting the poolside area for slip hazards on a regular basis. Which technique have you opted for maintaining a healthy swimming activity? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below!