Top 10 Best Pool Heater in 2021 – Definite Buying Guide

Swimming pools especially the in ground ones are used mostly in summer seasons to take out the heat in the best possible manner. However, what if you want to enjoy swimming on a cold wintery day? You can’t just take a bath in water that’s been too cold for your body. So, for this purpose, the best pool heaters are used to ensure heated temperatures of water. In this way, you can either enjoy swimming or simply relaxing in your swimming pool for a long time.

best pool heater

So, I’ve compiled a list of top 10 best swimming pool heaters in accordance with their quality, usage, durability, and budget range.

Let’s have a look without any further ado:

Top 10 Best Pool Heaters in 2021 – Updated Picks

Pool Heater NameBTUSuitable For
Sta-Rite SR333LP333,000Small pools
Hayward W3H150FDN150,000Large In Ground pools
Pentair 460775400,000Large Pools
FibroPool FH05555,000Small pools
Hayward HP21404T140,000Medium Swimming Pools
FibroPool FH12020,000Small pools
SmartPool S240U45,000Above Ground pools
Raypak Swimming Pool Heater105,000Above Ground Pools
Happybuy 11KW60,000Small pools
EcoSmart SMART POOL 2750,000Above Ground pools

1. Sta-Rite SR333LP – Best Pool Heater 2021

sta rite sr333lp
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Sta-Rite SR333LP tops our list for being the best heater in the market. The reason many people like this pool heater is that it’s energy-efficient. Plus, it takes out the heating job really fast. Adjusting it with your in-ground swimming pool can have many benefits as you won’t have to care about the coldness of outside environment anymore. One other reason for liking this pool heater is that it has compact shape. So, in other words, the heater won’t be taking a lot of space to get fitted. Well, all in all, the price tag is expensive. That’s what you have to invest in it to keep your pool heated for a long time.

  • As far as the main features are concerned, one of the best spa heaters has got a compact design. Having said that, it has a lightweight body and thus it gets adjusted in small spaces without any issues.
  • Apart from that, Sta-Rite is also rated as number 1 when it comes to consuming energy. The pool is able to consume less energy and has the ability to remain 84% efficient at the same time.
  • The overall construction is durable and sturdy. That being said, the housing of this pool heater is rustproof to ensure maximum protection from harsh outside environment.
  • Finally, the heater has got the ability to keep the water of pool as heated as possible. You can also change the temperatures from default settings of the heater for a relaxing experience.

Final Views

The pool and spa heater from Sta-Rite surely rock the market with the ability to keep large swimming pools as warm as possible. So, I’ll be recommending you to check it out especially if budget is not an issue for you.

2. Hayward W3H150FDN – Best Heater Choice 2019

sta rite sr333lp
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Hayward is yet another brand that will never disappoint you when it comes to keeping the swimming pools as warm as possible. That being said, the pool heater introduced by this company uses natural gas to operate. Apart from that, it has got a bulky shape and design as compared to the pool heater we discussed above. However, the availability of some modern features makes it a fan-popular natural gas heater for sure. You’ll never get to bathe in cool water of the pool right after you install this heater. Lastly, the pool heater does have an expensive price tag. However, it’s still less expensive than the pool heater mentioned above.

  • One of the best features that Hayward pool heater offers is that it comes with a long-lasting effect. That is, the pool water will remain heated for many years to come.
  • In addition to that, the body of pool heater has been protected with a corrosion-resistant nickel heat exchanger. Thus, it enhances the overall working ability of this heater for many years.
  • Special hydraulic design of the best heater makes it easier to consume less energy while providing more heat. In this way, the heater offers a better consumption to efficiency ratio.
  • Finally, the front panel does consist of an intuitive control pad that can be used to change the settings or heating temperatures of pool water easily.

3. Pentair 460775 – Best Quick-Heating Pool Heater

pentair mastertemp
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Pentair is a company that never compromises on work ethics. That’s the main reason, their pool heater is famous for heating the pool water in a short time. Having said that, the overall body is still bulky. However, you won’t have to take care of it at all right after adjusting it with the in ground swimming pool. As far as the price tag is concerned, Pentair pool heater is one of the most expensive heaters available in the market and is priced at more than 3000 bucks.

  • Well, first of all, the pool heater comes with fast warming action. You won’t have to wait for more than 5 minutes before entering the pool water to enjoy a soothing and calm bathing experience.
  • Apart from that, the heater is energy efficient. It won’t be a liability for the gas bills at all as the heater uses less natural gas and has a better efficiency rate as well.
  • Moreover, a manual gas shut off option is also present which shuts down the heater especially when its service is not required, thus saving you a lot of energy.
  • Finally, Pentair 460775 pool heater comes with reduced NOx emissions in the environment making sure that it remains eco-friendly for a long time.

4. FibroPool FH055 – Best Electric Pool Heater

ground swimming pool heater
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FibroPool FH055 is a compact pool heater used for warming up small in ground swimming pools in the best possible way. Having said that, this swimming pool heater works on electric power and still has the ability to keep the pool water warm and hotter than outside environment for a long time. As compared to other pool heaters, the price tag of this heater is affordable as it can be acquired by having at least 2000 bucks in pocket.

  • FibroPool Fh055 works on electric power. It uses the 220V energy to offer a great amount of heat to the pool water in order to keep it warm.
  • Moreover, its shape and design are pretty much compact as compared to other pool heaters that we’ve mentioned above.
  • Along with other features, the heater  for swimming pool also comes with a digital controller that can be used to set different temperature ranges.
  • Finally, the pool heater is extremely energy efficient. Running it will cost you only 25 cents per hour and it won’t be affecting the electricity bills at all.

5. Hayward HP21404T – Best Swimming Pool Heater with Digital Control Display

hayward pool heater square
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Hayward has got yet another heater in the market with an enormous price tag. However, it has the ability to heat up at least 25,000 gallons of water at once. That said, the best swimming pool heater is this ideal for large swimming pools or spas to ensure a better inside environment even in the harshest conditions. The overall construction is pretty much durable as this heater has got the ability to protect itself from rust or corrosion for a long time.

  • As far as the main features are concerned, Hayward pool heater comes with an acoustic compressor cover with a quiet fan blade to keep working without making any noise.
  • Moreover, to offer extreme durability, an ultra-gold evaporator fin is present within the heater that will resist corrosion for a long time.
  • The heater from Hayward is energy efficient. It will not make a burden on electricity bills even if it’s been used for more than 10 hours a day.

6. FibroPool FH120 – Best Above Ground Pool Heater

fibropool heater
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The reason I like FibroPool too much is that it’s the only brand that is actually caring about the customers by releasing affordable heaters in the market. The brand new FH120 is a heater meant for above ground pools as it keeps the inner environment as warm as possible. Plus, the price tag it has got is also less expensive than other heaters that we’ve mentioned above.

  • The best pool heater, first of all, runs on electric power. However, it is energy efficient and won’t be causing any uplift in electricity bills for a long time.
  • Apart from that, the compact, corrosion-resistant design allows you to use this heater for a long time without any worries.
  • Last but not least, FH120 has the ability to keep almost 7500 gallons of water warm at once. So, it’s a perfect choice for large above ground swimming pools.

7. SmartPool S240U – Best Solar Pool Heater for Above Ground Pools

smartpool sun heater
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The heater from SmartPool i.e. S240U is one of the most efficient heaters on our list with little to n energy consumption. That being said, this solar heater has got the ability to convert the light from sun into heat. In this way, it keeps the pool water warm and heated for a long time. However, one thing to keep in mind before choosing this heater is that it works only with 4 x 20 above ground pools.

  • The best solar pool heater comes with a propylene heat collector which collects sunlight and converts it into heat to keep the pool water warm for a long time.
  • Apart from that, the heater gets installed easily. It will take only 5 minutes to get installed with above ground pool.
  • Last but not least, this pool heater can easily be molded or curved in the direction of sunlight to take full advantage of it.

8. Raypak Swimming Pool Heater – For Spa and In Ground Pools

pool and spa heater
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Raypak Swimming Pool Heater runs on natural gas and has the ability to keep the inside environment as warm as possible. Having said that, it comes with a bulky shape and has a protective housing so as to work for a long time without any issues. The price tag, on the other hand, is expensive. However, it is still affordable than Hayward pool heaters.

  • The best pool heater comes with easy installation. You won’t be needing an expert to install this heater for you.
  • Furthermore, the pool heater by Raypak comes with analog thermostat control that can be used to set the temperature in an ideal manner.
  • Finally, Raypak pool heater has the ability to work for more than 5 years as it comes with protective housing which is rust and corrosion-proof.

9. Happybuy 11KW – Best Cheap Pool Heater for In Ground Pools

sta rite sr333lp
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The pool heater from Happybuy is one of the cheapest heaters available in the market. It has the ability to keep small pools water as warm as possible. The heater works on electric power and has the ability to get assembled and adjusted quickly.

  • One of the features that you need to know regarding the best cheap pool heater is that it keeps a check on water temperature and maintains it in an ideal manner.
  • Apart from that, the heater is energy-efficient. It uses a manual switch that shuts off the heater after reaching a certain temperature, thus saving you a lot of energy costs.
  • Finally, Happybuy pool heater is suitable for small in ground pools. However, it can also be used to heat up the above ground pools in an ideal manner.

10. EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 – Best Electric Pool Heater Under 1000

eco smart pool heater
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Finally, the last pool heater left on our list is Ecosmart Pool 27. It works on electric power and has the ability to keep pool water warm for a long time while conserving a lot of energy. However, the price tag that this pool heater has got is expensive and will cost you less than 1000 bucks.

  • The best heater is extremely easy to install. Plus, it comes with a compact design which means that you can install it in small places easily.
  • Apart from that, flow activation is a technology used in this pool heater which works according to current temperature of pool water.
  • Last but not least, the heater is compatible with EcoSmart remote control which allows you to set the temperature of pool without any issues.
best pool heater

How to Select the Best Pool Heater in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a pool heater is mostly a one-time investment. That’s because the prices are so expensive that many people are unable to invest in other heaters for many years.

Therefore, you should be choosing a pool heater with great care. Some important features for you to consider in this regard are as follows:

  1. Your Preferences

The first important thing that you need to figure out before doing anything is your preferences.

Some important questions to ask yourself are: How much money I have to invest? Do I need a pool heater for in ground swimming pool or an above ground swimming pool? Should I Choose a natural gas pool heater or an electric one?

Focus on these questions first and if you figure this part out, then choosing a suitable pool heater becomes a piece of cake for sure.

  1. Rust and Corrosion Resistance

Protection of the pool heater you are going to get is extremely important. Having said that, you should always opt for a heater that comes in with a protective housing.

The resistance from corrosion and rust means that the pool heater will be able to work for you for many years to come providing the same heating job.

  1. Choose an Energy-Efficient Heater

Last but not least, you should be choosing a heater which saves you a lot of energy. All the heaters that I’ve mentioned above have this ability to consume less energy even with a better efficiency ratio.

So, that should be your preference especially if you don’t want the electricity or gas bills to go upward as you install a pool heater in your home.

FAQS About Best Swimming Pool Heater

  1. What is the best pool heater on the market?

Sta-Rite SR333LP is currently the best heater for swimming pool on the market with an ability to keep pool water warm by consuming less energy. Plus, it also has a rustproof housing.

  1. What is the best heater for above ground pools?

FibroPool FH120 is undoubtedly the best above ground pool heater. However, EcoSmart Smart Pool 27 and SmartPool S240U are also some other choices for above ground swimming pools.

  1. Are new pool heaters more efficient?

Yeah, with the advancement of technology, many companies such as Hayward and FibroPool are now competing to introduce the most efficient pool heaters in the market.

Some Last Words

Pool heaters, in a nutshell, are a necessity for in ground and above ground swimming pools. They can become a perfect choice especially when you are living in colder regions. So, check out the list for best heaters for swimming pools that I’ve mentioned above, or take a look at the top 3 recommendations by me if you are still confused:

  1. Sta-Rite SR333LP as it’s the best heater for in ground pools.
  2. FibroPool FH120 as it’s an ideal choice for above ground pools.
  3. SmartPool S240U if you need a low-budget solar heater for small pools.

Good Luck!!