7 Easy Tips to Learn Swimming for Beginners

Swimming is a sport that actually has no age limit when it comes to learning. From kids to adults, everyone has this opportunity to learn. We have seen that majority of people scare getting into the pool but it is only because one has never stepped in. This makes it essential to have a grip on the tips to learn swimming that is more comfortable than daunting.

Learn Swimming for Beginners

1- Being comfortable is the key

Comfort only comes when one does not fear being in the pool. It has been observed that the majority fear learning swimming just because they have this fear of drowning as is one of the obvious things to happen. But when the safety measures are complete, there is just a 1% chance of drowning. Are you one of those who fear? If so, you must not go to the pool alone. Instead, dive in the pool with a strong and confident swimmer. As a beginner to swimming, it is no wise to be in the moving water.

“Experienced swimmers suggest people to be not in the water when the weather condition is not good or the water in the pool is very cold.”

Your comfort in the water comes only when you as a beginner have learned to float in the water. It is just the practice that helps the other to learn to float with the trick. Furthermore, one must not create any panic if it the very first time, you’ll have jumped into the pool. Even if you failed, it is a much suitable option for the divers, if ready. Getting panic about it, means you have not even tried to

2- Work on the kicks

Practice kicking if you are floating on your back or holding yourself on the side of the pool. There are different kinds of kicks that you may try. Some of them include; whip kick, eggbeater kick, flutter kick, etc. Learning the whip kick is simple as one has to tightly hold the legs together from the hips to the knees and then from the knees to the ankles. From the lower body, get down into the 90-degree angle and move your body into the circular motion. Keep it as the upper part of the lower body straight and half moving- the lower part. Similarly, the common eggbeater kick is for the purpose of threading water by being in the vertical position (the head up). Now the flutter kick is when you point the toes and keep your legs straight.

3- Learn to crawl in water

As a beginner what is best to learn is the crawl. To start with, try with the backstroke in which you float flat and do the flutter kicks. Lift your arm straight and do the crawl motion. When being under the water, bend yourself down with posture straight. Alter your arms and repeat the steps. Make sure that your fingers are kept together. Next is to try the freestyle which includes floating the stomach and start with crawling.

4- Do not create a hassle- stay calm

Your mind needs to be with you when you are learning to be in the pool. Even if you are not comfortable, don’t just breathe quickly, lie at the back and then carry down. The best suggestion is to hold down your breathe and stick your stomach out.

5- Learn to move arms

Your legs and your arms play a vital role when it comes to learning how to swim. Moving arms as part of the beginning stroke is crucial. Arms are mainly the key when it comes to crawling as well as when you are deep in the pool. In order to propel yourself up, straighten up your arms and then bring them to your side downwards. This is the perfect way to push yourself up.

6- Learn the advanced strokes

When you are a beginner in swimming, competitive swimming should not be your goal. Learning and bringing improvement is what you must think of. If you are comfortable in the water, you are now ready to learn the new strokes that will aid in faster swimming and making use of less energy. Some of the new to learn includes; the butterfly stroke, sidestroke, dolphin stroke, etc.

7- Have the conversation with those experienced

When planning to learn swimming, it is better to give yourself comfort via having a proper conversation with the swimmers for an idea. Knowing about the experience offers courage to the beginners for starting to learn and enjoy.

Want to share with us how you as a beginner started with your journey as a beginner to swimming? Share with us in the comment section below!