5 Ways to Protect Your Skin and Hair from Chlorine as a Swimmer

Undoubtedly swimming is among the fun physical activities that assist one in maintaining one body posture and good health. But when it comes to the water in the swimming pool, the addition of chlorine is a necessity to protect the swimmers from the germs and bacteria in the water.

On the other hand, it serves to be a harmful chemical especially for skin and hair as the irritant is unavoidable and the body gets completely dry. This is why a majority hates being in the pool and when to do so, they follow the tips and tricks as below;

1- Make use of healthy skincare and hair care product

For the skin, you may rely on any good SPF products. A simple practice is to invest in a waterproof sunscreen that will help you avoid tanning via forming an utterly fine yet protective layer. This will assist in preventing chlorine from drying the skin and therefore damage from the sun rays (if you are among one of the swimmers swimming regularly). All that you are suggested to do is to apply the lotion 15 mins prior to getting into this sport.

For the hair, just avoid drying them using the hairdryer immediately after the swimming session as this may worsen the situation. Done with swimming? Get a comb with wide-tooth, make use of it and dry them out with the towel. Do not forget making use of the hair conditioner to moisturize them and giving them back their beauty.

2- Immediate shower

The rule of shower before and after works wonder. Since the chlorine dries the hair and skin completely by getting absorbed into the deepest layer, it is healthy to be wet prior to sliding down in the pool. If you are a trainee, quick shower may help you stay protected from the chemical.

In the same way once you are done with swimming activity, immediate shower will help you get rid of the chemical. For extra hair care, make use of sulfate-free shampoo and take quality time to get rid of all the chemical from the hair. Want to make sure that all the chemical from the hair goes? Use the apple cider vinegar!

“To make sure healthy, strong, and shiny hair, it is suggested to rinse your hair to the maximum 5 minutes”   

3- Keep yourself hydrated

Drying of the skin means welcoming dehydration. To make sure that this does not happen to you, drink as much water as you can so that the chemical works the least to your body and skin stays healthy.

4- Moisturize your skin

As chlorine dries the skin, it is healthy to make use of any moisturizer. By investing in a good skin moisturizer, you’ve chosen healthy skin for long.

5- Clean your swimming costume

When you keep your swimwear clean, you have taken the immediate step towards gaining the health benefits from the swimming activity. Not just the chlorine, every kind of chemicals present in the water harms the fabric and this is why your swimwear requires extra-care. To maintain its’ texture and prevent the actual colour from being faded, wash it in the water with room temperature, adding 1tbsp of vinegar to it.

Not just the 5 listed above, there are many others one may follow to help themselves maintain healthy skin and shiny hair. Application of talc is also one of the tricks swimmers utilize. This has to be done post swimming specifically to the areas like armpit to dry oneself quickly and do not allow your skin to absorb the chlorine.

Do you have any other tip to share? Do so in the comment section below!