5 Quick Tips to Improve Swimming Speed in the Pool

Swimming is fun but slow swimming is not. This is why it is essential to learn techniques that can help swim faster. If you are learning from a coach, it is obvious that you’ll think of improving with each and every training or session you had with your coach. Every minute you spend in the pool is worth it when each time you get out with improvement in your skill.

Improve Swimming Speed in the Pool

“Athletes have marked average swimming speed of completing 100 meters in 2 minutes time”

Are you still living with this misconception that faster swimming relates more to moving your arms faster? Remember that the winner is the only one who pulls the water with speed rather than moves the arms with complete force and energy. Hence, it is more about what one can do with the body. Below are the handy tips for the swimmers to improve their swimming skills and cross the swimming pool track faster;

1- Pay attention to the kicks

When being in the pool, kick plays a vital role in learning to swim faster. Effective kicking is what it’s worth rather than kicking harder or faster. This has been justified via the fact that when an effective kick takes place, it does not break the surface.

2- Pay attention to the technique being used

The majority of the time this simple technique is overlooked by the swimmers and this becomes the reason behind the slow swimming. Making use of the poor technique may not let you win by increasing your heartbeat and dragging you downwards. A simple strategy goes like starting with slow swimming and repeat the actions and get used to it. Some of the key areas that require proper attention of the swimmer include rotation of the body, the power used when kicking, turns, and the stroke angles. Breathing properly is also one of the factors to consider.

The technique you’ve been using since the first time also includes the kick. So wall kick is what is referred to as the easiest thing one can do to cover the time quickly. This will make you fly through the water.

3- Work to bring improvement in your health

Be it any sport or activity deep in the water, health plays a vital role. Not only it leaves an influence over how one feels, but it also helps one in moving smoothly with everyday life. Now, what is good health? The misconception among people is that health is more about diseases or say the bone broken but it is not true. It is a lot more than this covering good sleep, a healthy diet, hydrating the body, and also ensuring a stress-free mind. Note that maintaining a healthy diet routine is a fuel that helps one keep on moving.

“Good health means more energy and more energy means greater power to kick”

4- Body balancing

When it comes to swimming, maintaining the balance of the body is a necessity. The majority of the swimmers go with the freestyle stroke as it is one of the great ways to minimize the drag. It is not at all an easier trick but requires extra practice. One of the ways to be the master in faster swimming is maintaining a level of consistency. One of the tricks is also the straightening up of the body or standing tall in the pool.

5- The right costume matters

The ease and comfort in swimming come from the outfit chosen to swim. Obviously, you cannot wear any formal dress. The relaxing swimming costumes although catches the eyes of the majority, it provides you aid with the technique you’ve chosen to swim. Ensure wearing the flippers to assist yourself with the kicks and minimize the drag.

What tips and tricks have you been using for improving your swimming speed? Is that something different from the above-mentioned? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below!